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The proprietors have informed the club committee that their insurance policies will not cover any person's against accidents on the golf course. You are advised to obtain your own insurance cover. Any member of the committee of the club professional will offer advice on obtaining cover.


Competition Handicaps

The maximum handicaps allowed are:

Men : 28

Ladies : 36


The following Matchplay Handicap Allowances Apply:

Singles : ¾ of the full difference between the handicaps of the 2

Foursomes : Difference between the aggregate handicap of either side.

Note : Half strokes or over to be counted as one.


For the attention of all members playing in handicap qualifying competitions


From the council of national golf unions official handbook on the unified handicapping system.


Part 5/Decisions

Incomplete cards and No returns  


  • All cards must be returned, whether completed or not.

  • It is expected that every player who enters an 18 hole qualifying competition intends to complete the round.

  • Since an incomplete card and a no return may have the effect of increasing a players handicap, the club would be justified in refuding to accept a card or record a no return when the player has walked in after playing only a few holes.

  • Cards must not be issued to players when there is obviously insufficient light for the to complete the round.

  • Sympathetic consideration should be given to players who have had to discontinue play for any cuase.

  • Clauses 17 and 19 f this system give clubs the discretion to deal with players who persistenly sumit incompolete cards or make no returns if they consider thay are attempting to build a handicap.