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Cherry Burton Golf Club, Leconfield Road, Cherry Burton, Beverley HU17 7LJ

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Course Etiquette

  • Players on the first tee shall interleave with matches coming from the 9th hole.

  • Players on the 8th tee shall give priorty to players driving from the 6th tee.

  • Players will not proceed to tee off the 6th tee until the bell is heard.

  • Players shall strike the bell on the 6th fairway when passing it.

  • Players must replace all divots.

  • Players must repair all pitch marks.

  • Players must rake bunkers after use.

  • Winter rules. Approx November 1st to April 1st, the ball may be cleaned and placed within 6 inches (150mm) of its original position no closer to the hole only when the ball comes to rest on a Close Mown area eg. Path, tee or fairway.